You already know how great life feels when there’s something you’re looking forward to. Think of the week before you fly off on an eagerly anticipated vacation. Sure, you’re busy. There are a million things to do before the trip. But you don’t care. You do whatever has to be done. You’re in a great mood, excited and enthusiastic about life. That makes you highly effective at whatever you have to do.
Or what about the days leading up to a big get-together with family members you’ve been eager to see? Yes, there are all sorts of details to be worked out and jobs to be done. And you find yourself breezing through them all with a positive, enthusiastic attitude.
Close your eyes and remind yourself how supremely alive you feel when there’s something you’re eagerly anticipating, when there’s something for you to look forward to. Perhaps it’s the birth of a child or grandchild, a big football game, a party, or having dinner with a dear friend.
Just the fact that there’s something good coming in the future empowers you in the present.
You deserve to have that powerful feeling all the time. You deserve it right now. There are difficult problems to be worked out, and people who demand your time and attention. You’re dealing with uncertainties, frustrations, and challenges in a world that sometimes seems to get crazier by the minute. Every day, the little disappointments add up. It can quickly get you down if you let it.
But you don’t have to let it. You can raise your energy level. You can inoculate yourself against all that negativity, and make headway every moment toward a great, rewarding future.
You deserve to have something to look forward to.
In fact, you already do. After all, you’re blessed with all sorts of good things in your life. But the problem is, you don’t think about those good things often enough. When you ignore the good things, the bad things quickly consume your attention.
It’s not your fault that the world sends waves of negativity every day to bury your dreams. Most of the difficulties you face are because somebody else screwed up. It’s not your fault, but it is your opportunity. To make a choice. You can choose to take all that negative stuff and make something good out of it.
It all can start with having something to look forward to. Something wonderful. Something you love. Something great and compelling and motivating. Something you really care about. Something that already exists within your life in some way, whether as a current reality, or a goal, or a dream. Something that is begging for more energy, attention and effort. Something that makes you feel great to get up and get started each day.
What are you looking forward to right now? More importantly…
What would you like to be looking forward to? A new career? A travel adventure? A quiet day with someone you love? Whatever it is, go ahead. Go ahead, let yourself look forward to it. Feel the fresh, invigorating sense of purpose and power wash over you. This is how life is meant to be every day.
I’d like to provide you with a tool that thousands of people have found helpful. An email subscription to The Daily Motivator. It is simple, easy to use, and powerful. It is something you can look forward to every day.
I’m not going to insult your intelligence by promising to reveal the hidden secrets of success that will put money in your bank account, get you to your perfect weight and connect you with the love of your life.
Instead, I want to remind you, again and again, in a unique, original way, that true success is already alive within you. True success is just waiting for you to give it a good enough reason to happen. True success is ready for you whenever you are ready to take action. You already know all that, but I’m guessing you don’t hear it often enough. Please, for the sake of your dreams and your precious, unique life, let me send you a reminder. Every day.
Let me send you a reminder that you can experience on your own terms.
You don’t have to park yourself on social media and wait for it to appear in your stream. It is self-contained and available to you whenever you want to look at it. You don’t have to read 140 characters of it and then wait a couple of hours for the next installment. You don’t have to remember to visit a website. It won’t suddenly interrupt whatever you’re doing. It just comes to you, in your email, and waits until you are ready to look at it.
It comes to you in a way that is reliable, respectful and accessible. And powerful.
It comes to you, and it comes from you. It comes because you have decided to make an investment in yourself. You have decided to give yourself something to look forward to. You have decided to remind yourself of the good things you already have to look forward to. Make the choice, and it comes to you, every day without fail. Check your email, and it will be there.
You can read it early, you can read it late. You can read it once, you can read it five times, or fifteen. You can read the text version, or you can watch the video version with music and pictures.
It comes to you. Because you have chosen to give yourself something to look forward to. And when you pay attention to those good things in your life that you have to look forward to, to eagerly anticipate, when you let those things influence the way you think and the way you act, the way you talk with other people, it makes a difference. Over time, it can make a major, positive difference in your life. One little message each day. It will take you a minute or two to read, but it will sink in. It will nudge you back in the direction of your best possibilities. It’s only $15 for an entire year. That’s not much. In fact it is embarrassingly small. But it is enough. It is enough so you can make an investment in yourself. It is your way of saying to yourself every day that you care about your life, you care about your world, you care about making a difference.
And that, yes, you do have many great things to look forward to.
Make this one of them. Give yourself something to look forward to. Right now.